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↳ 264  pequenos, médios, e grandes gifs do ator e cantor  Chay Suede podem ser  encontrados abaixo do read more. Nenhum dos seguintes gifs pertence a mim, por isso todo o crédito para os proprietários. Peço desculpas por quaisquer repetissões. Por favor, dê like ou reblog  se isso te ajudou de alguma forma. 

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Women should come with warning labels on them. They put warnings on cough syrup, and aspirin, and fertilizer, and construction sites. A warning that lets you know there is danger ahead. A warning reminds you that you might get hurt.

A simple warning would suffice: May cause dizziness, shortness of breath, impaired thinking, euphoria, poor judgment, injury, or in severe cases- death.

— Tyler Murphy- Girl!Trash (via tazed-and-confuzed)

The official Degrassi tumblr reblogged my Niamh Wilson gif set and now my dash is p much just notes 

Thanks guys 



Below the cut you will find around 50 questions to answer IC that can help you know your charrie better! Happy answering.

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Here you’ll find 271 small/medium textless HQ gifs of actor Evan Peters. I own none of these gifs, so all credits go to their rightful makers! If you wish for your gif to be removed, please inform me. If you plan on using these, I’d appreciate if you’d like/reblog this post. Enjoy! [download]


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Hunter Parrish Gif Hunt


Below the cut is a gif hunt of Hunter Parrish. There are 1,105 gifs of this amazing guy. He is best known for Weeds, 17 Again, Broadway Musicals, His singing career and more. I made some of the gifs below but most of them I got from here. If you find this useful please like/reblog! Most of all, enjoy.


Update: 1,305 gifs are now included in this gif hunt.

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B elow the cut you will find #60+ gifs of PENELOPE MITCHELL known for her role as Letha Godfrey in Hemlock Grove, and most recently, in TVD. ALL THE GIFS WERE MADE BY ME. They haven’t been posted in any of the tags or anything, so don’t put them into your own gif hunts. like if you use :)


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THEME 15; radioactive

this theme looks a bit like my second theme and they are very much alike but the sidebar and some other stuff are different so if you like this theme you might want to check it out. keep the description a bit longer and use a colorful info color and the theme looks nice. have fun and remember the rules!

→ live preview

↳ downloadproblems

- 500px posts
- 4 custom links and theme credit
- 155x155px sidebar image
- nice audioplayer for audioposts
- custom colors, selection and scrollbar

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i need to get on my springtownrp characters but my head hurts so bad i may actually have to pin a blanket over my window and sleep